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Trade Pathways

We provide financial and recruitment support to help your company in developing the next generation of skilled tradespeople in Alberta.

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Our Employers receive a range of benefits from Wage Subsidies to WCB Coverage and more

Trade Pathways is here to help you recruit for your team

We help underemployed and motivated workers in Alberta find the right employer. If you are a COR-certified construction company and are looking to hire apprentice carpenters, glaziers, or roofers you may be interested in our enhanced recruitment program.
Our partners may receive:

  • 50% wage subsidy to reduce costs
  • Program provided WCB coverage
  • Recruitment assistance
  • 100% reimbursement for training so you can invest in building a skilled workforce


A partnership in progress

Our programs prepares workers to perform. Trade Pathways works with our participants to get them the tools and training they need to join your team. We provide the financial support and guidance they need so you can bring them on board with confidence and peace of mind.

We empower our participants by providing them with:

  • Free industry-quality tools and workwear
  • Transportation assistance
  • In-depth training and certifications
  • Financial support during training periods
  • Tuition paid for the first year of apprenticeship
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Trade Pathways supports range of companies from across Alberta. Employers interested in our program are required to be:

  • A member of an Alberta local construction association
  • COR certified
  • Offering apprenticeships for employees

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