About us

Trade Pathways is an Alberta Construction Association employment program funded by the Government of Alberta. The program began in 2022 in the Edmonton region and has since expanded across Alberta.

The goal of Trade Pathways is to spark growth in Alberta’s skilled workforce by supporting diversity and inclusion. We help young, unemployed, underemployed and underrepresented communities overcome barriers in the way of a commencing a career in construction.

Our program connects applicants to COR-certified construction companies to ensure our participants start their careers in the safest workplace the industry can offer.

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The Alberta Construction Association (ACA) is Alberta’s largest industry association representing 2,500 member firms of all sizes and labor affiliations through our integrated Local Construction Associations in communities across Alberta. These firms serve non-residential construction markets in Alberta and beyond.

Since 1959 the ACA has:

  • Represented the collective voice for Alberta’s construction industry
  • Developed standard industry practices
    (procurement, payment, safety, etc.)
  • Promoted a highly skilled workforce


Reach out to us with any questions you might have at info@tradepathways.ca

“Is Trade Pathways an employer?”

No, we are not an employer. We are a government-funded organization committed to supporting construction workers as they start their careers. We work with employers to connect them with our participants. The employers determine who they will hire, when they will start and how much the starting wage is. Employee performance and retention is also determined by the employer.